What's Zomato Gold?  change into a member?

What’s Zomato Gold? change into a member?

Turkey again recently started a sort of restaurant operations and explore application that Zomato July 19, Friday announced the Golden Zomato has a membership system. Gold memberships, which are expected to be sold at the time of the sale, reached 3000 sales in 7 hours and broke a record. So what everyone is wondering is Zomato Gold, how to become a member? If you are curious about the answer to these questions, continue reading our article!

What is Zomato Gold?

Zomato Gold, an international membership program; to date, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Lebanon and New Zealand. But Zomato officials saw potential in Turkey, will serve as 8 countries chose Turkey’s Gold membership and Gold membership are offered for sale in Istanbul last week. In this way, Zomato Gold members will enjoy the privileges of having more than 400 restaurants with a Gold agreement to buy 1 meal for one meal or 2 to buy 2 drinks .

How to buy Zomato Gold?

What's Zomato Gold?  change into a member? More than 25,000 people registered to be notified when Gold memberships were on sale prior to the launch of the membership promotion. However, as mentioned earlier, only 3,000 memberships were available and sold out in 7 hours. In other words, more than 20,000 people were waiting for the memberships to go on sale again! Fortunately, Zomato recently re-launched memberships. You can click here to see memberships in detail and to see contracted restaurants.

What are the prices of Zomato Gold memberships?

What's Zomato Gold?  change into a member? Zomato Gold has two types of membership. Memberships are currently on sale but there is no information about when the discount will end. The discount price of 6-month membership is 99 TL, while the discount price of 1-year membership is 149 TL. If you use a reference code when you become a member, you can become a member with a 20% discount. Your friend, who gave you this reference code, has been extended for one month! The double gain you will understand 😊

How to use memberships

What's Zomato Gold?  change into a member? After you purchase your Zomato Gold membership, you go to one of the contracted restaurants. You go to the Zomato page of the restaurant you go to and click kullan Use Gold privileges ”. That’s it! You can click here to review Gold membership contracted restaurants in Istanbul.

Bonus details!

What's Zomato Gold?  change into a member? Let us remind you that you could not use the opportunity twice in the same restaurant on the same day. But you can use as many opportunities as you want in different restaurants. Also, Gold deals are not available for takeaway. In addition, you must be two people to take advantage of Gold opportunities! So unfortunately you can’t sing two pizzas and eat them alone 😊

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